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Granada is one of the few remaining cities in Spain still serving tapas on the bars- which is as close as you’re going to get to a free lunch.

¿What is tapa?

The name, ‘tapa‘, originates from the word “tapar”, to cover. Speculations on the origin of tapas range from the practical to the mythological.

A popular theory is that when the 13th-century King Alfonso fell ill, he was prescribed small bites of food with wine to aid his recovery. After discovering the benefits of snacking, he is said to have decreed it law that all bars begin to serve food with alcohol.

Obviously placing the titbit on top of the drink, either via a piece of bread or small plate, served the dual purpose of helping to keep flies from crawling into the glasses. A less savoury suggestion of the etymology also exists – that in 16th-century Castilla-La Mancha, landlords liked to dish out free nibbles of mature cheese to ‘cover’ the taste of bad wine. In Granada, the tapas tradition soon grew into an elaborate menu of nibbles which increase in quality and quantity the more drinks are ordered.

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Tapas tour

El Rinconcillo

The best place for tuna lovers. It is quite expensive, but very good quality.

Los Diamantes

Seafood, sherry-soaked clams, tempura aubergine and fried bacalao (salt cod) are the tapas on offer here.

Los Tintos

Night Live

Cotton Club

If you want to enjoy Granadas night life, you should visit Cotton Club in Pedro Antonio.