A1 Level. Course Objectives:

Overview: identify people, places and objects.
People descripptio, places, objects and states.
Compare people, objects, places, situations and actions. Be able to express and ask for opinions about someone or something.
Express and ask for agreement and disagreement, confirm and deny, extraneous information.
Feelings, wishes and preferences. Express and ask for taste, pleasure, satisfaction, desire and need.
Express request, ask for something in a public place, ask for the price of an object.
Social uses of language: hello and goodbye.

Control of oral communication: Report is not understood, request the repetition of the above, verify that you have understood what was said, spelling, and request that spell, something that is written request.
Ask for a word or expression that does not know or has forgotten. Ask someone to speak more slowly or higher.

Course material: The / the teacher / a not used a particular textbook. Photocopies of several books and grammars. It is therefore not necessary to buy any materials, will be provided by the center.

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