Terms & Conditions

How to enrol…

To enroll in a course students must send a non-refundable 50 euros registration fee and a non-refundable 30 euros accommodation booking fee  –in the case they require assistance in finding housing during their stay in Ganada (all of these will be deducted  from their invoice ) This deposit is not an additional cost. All transfer fees will be the students´ responsibility.

In order to be registered for a course, send an application form by e-mail or ordinary mail.  You can book by telephone as well.

We appreciate to receive your registration as soon as possible, in order to arrange everything for your reservation. In return, you will get a confirmation of your course and accommodation, detailed information and a bill for your booking. Registration at the last moment could be possible depending on availability.

The deposit and the total payment can be made by:

Bank transfer, indicating your name to:

Bank name: ING DIRECT ,N.V. S.E.


Cuenta: 1465 0100 9519 0035 7855   / 


IBAN: ES28 1465 0100 9519 0035 7855

Then you must send the registration form with your data, proof of payment and a photocopy of your passport by e-mail or postal mail to the following address:

Aljibe Centro de Estudios C/Poeta Manuel de Góngora,4. Galería Comercial Alminares del Genil.18006 Granada. España

Please note that additional costs such as costs for bank transfers, credit card commission and postage costs are not covered by the center, and therefore are the responsibility of the student. The amounts paid for the booking of courses and / or accommodation, considered as part payment.

We appreciate receiving your registration as soon as possible, in order to have everything you need for your reservation. In return you will receive confirmation of your course and accommodation details and a proof of your reservation.

Full payment must be made during the first three days of the start of classes, otherwise it is understood that the student does not wish to continue the course and electronic reserves.

The minimum age of students is 16 years’ old; students younger than 18 need written authorization from their parents. ELECE accepts no responsibility for any accidents that may occur outside of the Spanish school.

*Included in the course fee: Level-testing, Spanish course, educational material (photocopies), the costs of some of the activities included in the cultural programme, certificate of attendance.

*Not included in the course fee: Airport transfers, travel insurance, the costs of some of the activities included in the cultural programme.

Airport pick-up services

Students should provide us with their arrival details (arrival time, flight number, Airline, point of departure and point of arrival) 7 days prior to their arrival.

If the student cancels airport pick-up service less than one week prior to arrival, he/she will lose the right to a refund of the cost of that service.

In the event of any delay or changes in flight information without previous notification, ELECE will not be held responsible for picking up the student at the airport and there will be no refund.


On formalising enrolment in a course (and accommodation), students accept the General terms and conditions of ELECE

Students should arrive at school by 9.30 on their first day.

On the first day of the course, students will have to take an evaluation test followed by an oral interview in order to be placed in the appropriate class level.

Classes are held either in the morning or in the afternoon and will be decided once students have arrived.

Distribution of levels

The distribution of courses and levels is the responsibility of the teaching team, who, considering the test, interview and language needs of the student, will take the final decision of where the student will be placed in. Levels and their distribution will be established on the first Monday of the course after the interview and the test -this means that you will begin in your appropriate level at 10.30 in the same morning.

The criteria that justifies these decisions will be strictly academic. The maximum number of students is 8. 

Course cancellation

All students who wish to cancel their program (course and /or accommodation) prior to their arrival should notify ELECE in writing by e-mail (info@elece-granada.es) or letter. Cancellations not received via one of the 2 aforementioned means will not be accepted. The day after de email is sent will be considered the day the course has been officially cancelled. Cancelation is only valid once an e-mail has been received. For this reason it is important that the student is certain that the e-mail has been received.

No refunds can be given for any cancellations made during your stay .Exceptions can be considered on request, but a minimum of 1 week of your program will be charged.

After arrival, students may change their program at no extra charge (subject to availability) .Changes to accommodation will incur a fee (ask information).

The school never cancels any course, even if there is only one participant.

Reduction of hours of instruction

ELECE reserves the right to reduce the number of hours in a group class due to insufficient number of students. The number of hours will be reduced as follows:

  • If 1 student in the class: 10 hours per week.
  • If 2 students in the class: 15 hours per week.

For registration received a week or less prior to the beginning of a course, ELECE does not guarantee the type of accommodation desired and requested by the student due to the fact that priority is given to those students

All students should inform ELECE or the host family in advance of their approximate time of arrival .

Your accommodation is available from 12 :00 noon on the Sunday prior to the first day of the course (Monday)until 12.00 noon on the Saturday following the last day of class (Friday).The cost of an entire week will be charged to those students requiring 4 or more additional days of accommodation . ELECE does not guarantee the availability of extra days of accommodation.

If a student decides that he/she wants to postpone or take a break from any program for unjustified personal reasons ,he/she will lose any right to a monetary refund, and the course will not be made up.

Students must respect all rules and regulations set by families, residences and shared apartment administrations.

Student is financially responsible for any damage caused to the premises.

Accommodation cancellation

In the event that a student is not satisfied with the assigned accommodation for any justifiable reason, the student may move to another accommodation of the same type (up to one changes allowed). Students wishing to change accommodation arrangements should notify the person in charge during their first week of the program.

All students should inform ELECE or the host family in advanced of their approximate time of arrival.

If a student decides that he /she wants to postpone or take a break from any program for unjustified personal reasons, he/she will lose any right to a monetary refund, and the course will not be made up.


All lessons missed will be made up.

Promotional Activity

Students and their parents/guardians agree that the student’s photos, videos, quotes and details of achievement may be used for ELECE’s promotional purposes without written consent or notification. Objections to this should be made in writing to ELECE before the start of the course.

Diplomas and Certificates

At the end of the course, every student will obtain a certificate of assistance. To obtain this certificate, it is necessary an assistance not inferior to 90 %. It means that the right to obtain this certificate will be cancelled if non-justified absences are superior to 10 %.

You can obtain a certificate of level. It will implicate some specific tests organised by the Academic Management of the School.